Hello, I'm a Journalist

I like to interview people and write stories.
Everyone has a story to tell and I like to help them share it.

Hello, I'm a Designer

At school, I designed advertisements for real-life clients around the Muncie area. I also develop graphics and do newspaper design.

Hello, I'm a Front-end

I design UI/UX sites on the web for myself
and others with HTML, CSS, JS, and Wordpress.

About Makayla.

I recently graduated from Ball State University (May 2020), where I received a BA in Journalism Graphics focused specifically on Media Development and Design. During my time at school, I worked for McKinley Avenue Agency where I designed advertisements.

In my free time, I like to play games. I love playing online with friends after a long, stressful day or getting together to play a tabletop RPG. I also really enjoy painting doing puzzles.

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What I Do

As a Visual and Interactive Storytelling major with a track of Media Development and Design and an active member of multiple student organizations, I have been exposed to a lot at Ball State University. Here's an overview of some of the things I do and skills I have.


I started off my time at Ball State wanting to write and design graphics. I have learned how to write a news story, interview subjects, and follow leads. I have also learned data visualization, graphic design, and photo/video.

Web Development

Once I was exposed to the world of coding, I discovered a passion for myself. I enjoy designing websites using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.


Being a Senior Designer for McKinley Avenue Agency, I design a variety of print and digital ads for real-life Muncie client that appear in the Daily News and BallStateDaily.com.

Game Design

For an immersive learning class, I was a part of Happy Accident Studio. We developed an education touch-screen game to be displayed at a local museum, Minnetrista. I have also worked with a professor to do the graphic design for an education board game called, "Race to the Moon."

Copy Editing

As the Senior Copy Editor for Byte, an online publication, I have strenghted my grammar, editing, and writing skills using AP Style for an on-campus news organization.

Women In Technology

Following my passion for coding and all things web design, I joined Women in Technology where I became the Promotions and Recruitment Director. My position is to advertise and bring new members into the club using promotional materials.


Here are some highlights of my portfolio during my time at school. I have also designed a variety of websites not included below.

During the summer of 2019, I had an internship at Cook Medical where I was the Editorial Content intern. My primary role was creating and managing a digital intern newsletter. I interviewed people, wrote stories, created a brand for the newsletter, and took photos and videos alongside some other work for the department. If you are interested in seeing any of this work, please email me at MakaylaAnnHughes@Gmail.com for me to give you access.

Image of websites


Learn more about my internship and my work at Ball State University by checking out the blog posts below.

Photo of me with Cook sign


I was the Editorial Content intern at Cook Medical in the summer of 2019.

Photo of box and some of game

Race to the Moon

During spring 2019, I was hired to do the graphic design for the board game, Race to the Moon.

Title screen for Canning Heroes

Canning Heroes

During spring 2019, I was apart of an immersive learning class where we developed a game for local museum.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out with any comments, suggestions or questions!