Here is a brief overview of the websites I have developed.

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    Shawnee, Ohio: Life Cycle of a Mining Town

    I had the honor of attending the 2019 Visual Discovery Conference that took place in Athens, Ohio during early November. I partned with a group from all over the world, and we researched the topic of ghost towns and how mining impacted midwestern America.

    My role in the group was to develop the website to display all of our information. I had to create the website over the course of a weekend, and being the only coder on the team, I had a lot of work to do. This helped strengthen a lot of my teamwork skills and meeting deadlines.
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    Ludwick Rentals

    This was a client at McKinley Avenue Agency. The challenge with this website is that a previous designer developed it before leaving the company, and the website ended up going down. I had to do research about why the website was down and recreate the website based off of screenshots of the old one. I had to learn more about Wordpress and work with the CSS in order to change the tiniest details.
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    Magic 8 Ball

    This was a website created for class where we began diving into JavaScript. You can ask the Magic 8 Ball anything and a randomized answer will pop up, just like an actual Magic 8 Ball.

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    Take Me Here

    This was a website created for class using a CodePen. I had to make the website my own and have it be whatever I wanted, while keeping with the basic layout of the CodePen.

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